Recycling and Solid Waste

The Recycling and Solid Waste program regulates private haulers and sets collection service rates and standards, while also providing information to residents and businesses about waste reduction and resource conservation.

Program Highlights



Sign up for GoCart by Dec. 30 to be entered to win three months' free garbage service.

By signing up for garbage-day reminders, you'll never miss a pick-up day again. You can also use the lookup tool to learn what goes where.

Read more about GoCart! 

If you have billing-related questions, contact your hauler.  


Eat Smart Waste Less

Did you know the average household throws out a quarter of the food they buy every year? Learn how to reduce this waste and save money with the Eat Smart Waste Less Program. Take the Eat Smart Waste Less Challenge  and be entered to win a set of glass food storage containers.

Recycling Information

At Home

From collection day reminders to waste prevention tools, we've got everything you need to successfully recycle at home.

Family sorting materials for recycling at home  




For Businesses

Recycling at work makes good business sense, for you and your customers. We're here to help you recycle at work.

ColorCentric recycles used 33 mm film cases, typically more than 7,500 pounds a month. 


At Schools

We work with local public and private schools to encourage recycling. Learn more about school recycling

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