Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program

The City's Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) protects water quality by monitoring industrial and commercial wastewater discharges to the City's sanitary sewer system. Protecting water quality is sound business practice. The City is committed to working with our businesses in protecting our natural resources.

PurposePrecipitation Settling Tank

Any non-residential user of Gresham's sanitary sewer system must abide by the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Code. This includes businesses in Fairview and Wood Village. 

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Municipal sewer treatment plants are designed to treat typical household wastes, not pollutants generated through industrial processes such as metals, oils and grease, solvents, pesticides and herbicides. These pollutants can damage the treatment system and cause pollutants to enter the watershed and Columbia River.Acid Waste Neutralization System 

To ensure wastewater does not impair our system, certain businesses, including restaurants, must pretreat wastewater to remove harmful pollutants, before discharging to the sewer.  Some businesses may even require an Industrial Waste Discharge Permit to drain waste to the Gresham Sanitary Sewer System.  

Industrial Waste Discharge Pollutant Limits

Affects any non-residential customer discharging wastewater to the City's sanitary sewer (including Fairview and Wood Village) and must meet the City’s pollutant limits.



Department of Environmental Services at 503-618-2525.