Water Assessment and Home Energy Review 

water efficient showerheadLearn about opportunities to save water, energy and money at home. Gresham water customers can call to schedule a Water Assessment and Home Energy Review. This City pilot program is a collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon.

  • It's free and lasts two hours.
  • Most improvements are easy to implement and cost effective.
  • Residents may receive free showerheads, faucet aerators and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Participants may qualify for our new toilet rebate program. 

How it Works

 During the two-hour assessment, a professional advisor reviews the home from top to bottom seeking out areas of water and energy waste. The customer receives helpful tips and information, and even some free products that can help with savings right away. 

 At the end of the assessment, the customer receives a list of prioritized recommendations and information on cash incentives, tax credits and local rebates available for making improvements.

 Water conservation assistance may include:

  • Checking toilets for leaks and replacing the flapper valve if needed.
  • Measuring the flow rate for all faucets and showerheads, and replacing them with high-performance devices as needed.
  • Checking toilet tank sizes.
  • Instruction how to read the water meter and check for leaks.
  • Toilet rebate information and additional water conservation materials. 


  • You have a City of Gresham residential water account.
  • You live in a single-family residential home, ideally built before 1992.
  • You heat your home using Portland General Electric, NW Natural, Pacific Power, or Cascade Natural Gas.

Make an Appointment

To schedule a Water Assessment and Home Energy Review, call Energy Trust toll free at 1-866-368-7878. 

Toilet Rebate Program

After a Water Assessment and Home Energy Review, a homeowner can apply for up to two $50 cash rebates for installing WaterSense certified high efficiency toilets if the customer has inefficient toilets (greater than 1.6 gallons per flush).

Toilet Rebate Requirements

  • Resident has received a Water Assessment and Home Energy Review – or provides verification of the other requirements listed below.
  • Owner has replaced one or two high flow (more than 1.6 gallons per flush) toilets with an EPA WaterSense certified toilet.
  • Owner has recycled the old toilet and provided documentation.  

Toilet Rebate Checklist and Form 

A rebate of $50 per toilet is available; up to two rebates per household. After verification of documentation, a rebate check is sent to the resident. For more information about the toilet rebate program or how to recycle your toilet, contact Jesse Engum at 503-618-2661 or Jesse.Engum@GreshamOregon.gov