Gresham Firefighters

Fire Department

The Gresham Fire Department provides life safety services to city residents and contract districts for residents living in the cities of Fairview, Troutdale, Wood Village and areas of unincorporated Multnomah County.

Stay Safe

House fire in Gresham

Every three hours someone dies in a home fire in the U.S. Gresham Fire offers tips to help your family stay safe in your home.

Backyard Burn Season

Backyard Burn

Backyard burning in Gresham, Fairview and Wood Village is scheduled to begin April 16th. 

Backyard burn season began March 1st for Troutdale and Rural Fire Protection District 10. 

Call the burn line at 503-618-3083 for more information. 

Read more about outdoor burning.

Fire PermitsOpen Burning

Permits play an important role in ensuring events and activities are safe. See our permits page for more information on the types of events and activities that require a permit.