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City Secures Over $10 Million in Stimulus Funding

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act LogoThe City has secured more than $10 million in stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The funding will help with budget holes in public safety, transportation and energy efficiency. Check back for updates and new information.

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Communities Putting Prevention to Work

Farmers' Market PeppersThe Communities Putting Prevention to Work program was completed in March of 2012. The project incorporated health goals into the City's Comprehensive Plan, specifically focused on access to healthy food options and opportunities for physical activity as part of everyday routines. The project was awarded a certificate of merit from the Oregon chapter of the American Planning Association for its accomplishments in incorporating public health into built environment policies. 

Funding Source: Dept. of Health and Human Services
Project Start: July 2010
Completion Date: March 2012

Community Development Block Grant

Community Development Block Grant Stimulus Project$236,604 is being used to address neighborhood degradation. Funds are being used to retain one full-time Code Compliance Inspector to address code violations and vandalism, and to support Community Development Block Grant projects as well.

Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant
Project Start: Projects that can award contracts based on bids within 120 calendar days from the date funds are made available to the City will be given priority.
Completion Date: September 30, 2012

Community Oriented Policing Services Hiring Recovery Program

Community Oriented Police Services Hiring Recovery ProgramA $1,565,874 grant from the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) will equate to six new police officers, allowing a partial recovery from losses to the Investigations and Operations divisions through budget cuts. The grant will fund the officers for three years, with the City responsible for retaining these positions beginning year four.

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Justice
Project Start: Fall 2009
Completion Date: December 2013

Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant

Clean Energy Works Oregon Audit$901,500 has supported an Energy Programs Coordinator position at the city. The Coordinator has developed internal energy efficiency strategies, conducted outreach to Gresham businesses to support energy efficiency opportunities and managed both an all-in-one energy efficiency program and a residential solar program for Gresham homeowners. Funds have also been allocated for a solar panel installation at City Hall and energy efficiency improvements at Fire Station 73.

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Energy
Start: September 2009
Completion Date: September 2012

Hogan Road Improvements and Safety Enhancements

Hogan Road Improvements CompleteThe City completed $2,375,900 in improvements to Hogan Road between Stark and Glisan for safety and to assist efforts to attract a major user to some of the only available large-parcel industrial land within the Urban Growth Boundary. Improvements to Hogan added four travel lanes, one center left-turn lane, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and rain gardens for stormwater runoff.

Funding Source: American Recovery and Reinvestment
Project Start: January 2010
Completion Date: October 2010

Justice Assistance Grant

Justice Assistance Grant Stimulus ProjectA $441,149 Justice Assistance Grant will be used for equipment and training for the six police officers obtained through the COPS/CHRP grant. The grant will also be used to equip other police department staff.

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Justice
Start: May 2009
Completion Date: February 2013

Smart Water Meters: Automated Meter Infrastructure Project

Water Meter Installation CompleteGresham's $4,001,400 stimulus project replaced 16,000 residential meters with automated "smart" water meters that relay data directly to the City. The project saves fuel, reduces pollution, enables water use analysis and leak identification, reduces meter-reading expenses and enhances customer service by making more water use information available to residents.

Funding Source: American Recovery and Reinvestment
($2 million grant and $2 million low-interest loan)
Project Start: January 2010
Completion Date: February 2011

STOP Violence Against Women Grant

STOP Violence Against Women GrantThe Gresham Police Department received $85,000 for training and overtime hours in the investigation and enforcement of protection orders and service of arrest warrants on individuals responsible for domestic violence and sexual assault. During this time 726 domestic violence cases were investigated by the City.

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Justice
Start: October 1, 2009
Completion Date: March 31, 2011