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Hollybrook Neighborhood Association

Meeting schedule

The Hollybrook Neighborhood Association does not currently have any upcoming meetings.

  • Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes
  • Board Members
  • Boundary
Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes

Hollybrook Neighborhood Association bylaws

There are no meeting agendas or minutes for this Neighborhood Association.

Board Members

This Neighborhood Association is inactive.

For additional information, please contact the Neighborhood Services office at  


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The boundary of Hollybrook is as follows: The portion of the City of Gresham with Powell on the north, to Eastman Parkway on the east, follows the Springwater Trail on the south to Pleasant View Drive on the west.

  • Autumn trees and playground in Gresham
  • Sun and trees in Gresham
  • Horses and power lines in Gresham

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