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Business Licenses

You can now apply for and manage your business or rental license entirely online. Electronic licensing is quicker, efficient, more secure and mobile-friendly. For best results, use Chrome.

Apply for or renew a business license

  • Apply, Renew or Pay Online
  • Determine Business Type
  • Apply, Renew or Pay by Mail
Apply, Renew or Pay Online

Most business licenses can be managed online.

Apply, renew or pay

Note: Your email must be registered with the City on your license account before you can apply or renew online. If you need assistance logging, in, contact us at

For renewals: Once you log in and update your information, you will be emailed an invoice to pay for the outstanding renewal amount. You can then click on the link in that email to pay online. 

Applications not available online

Non-City license applications

Determine Business Type

Determine what license(s) you need

Commercial business: Offers products, services or manufactures goods out of a commercial, industrial or office building within Gresham city limits (retail, office, restaurant, personal or professional services, manufacturing/industrial uses, etc.). An attachment will be required for the following:

Nonprofit requesting waiver of license fee: 501(c)(3) IRS proof of exemption

Selling vehicles: Certificate from the Oregon DMV. 

Firearms: Letter of approval to sell from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

If your business sells alcohol or impounds vehicles, separate from the commercial license, you will also need to apply for one of the following licenses:

OLCC liquor license endorsement: Apply for your liquor license with the OLCC. They will provide you with the document for the City to endorse. Once you receive the document from the OLCC, apply for the City’s OLCC liquor license endorsement.

Private property impound license: Tow companies that will provide private property impound service in Gresham should review requirements before applying.

Food and beverage cart: A food and beverage cart is a mobile non-motorized unit that sells mostly food and/or drinks (stand-alone or leasing space in a food cart pod).

  • If a cart will be on site for less than four hours, it does not need a permit but does need a business license.
  • Each food cart owner is required to obtain their own business license.
  • Before applying for a license, review the City's food and beverage cart requirements and apply for a permit with Urban Design and Planning. Then, apply for your business license. You will be asked to include your planning case number in your application.

Outside Gresham: For businesses located outside of Gresham, but conducting business in Gresham.

Home-based business: Operated in a residential home or apartment. You will need to determine which type of license is applicable to your operation (Type I or II).

  • Before applying, visit the home-based business page for more information.
  • If the business is a state-approved daycare or adult care home, you can apply for a business license directly without reviewing the home-based business page (these are not Type I or II businesses).
  • Firearms: If your business is selling firearms, you will need to have it approved by the planning department and if allowed, include a letter of approval to sell from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms with your home-based business license application. 

Independent contractor: Works for a business but not as an employee. The business does not pay unemployment, disability or workers' compensation insurance or withhold taxes from pay (contractor, nail tech, hairdresser, massage therapist, aesthetician, etc).

Marijuana businesses: Marijuana business registration information, fees and tax forms. See the marijuana business page for details and application types.

Mobile home park: Landowners with mobile homes on site that they don't own themselves.

Payday lenders: The City of Portland regulates payday lenders for the City of Gresham. See the "Apply or Renew Online" tab for the link to apply.

Regional contractor business license: Contractors or landscapers can buy a single license through Metro to construct, alter and repair requirements in 20 cities in the Portland metropolitan area. See the "Apply or Renew Online" tab for the link to apply.

Rental housing: Required for all residential rental properties including rental homes, duplexes, mobile homes, apartments, condominiums or rooms in a lodging house. Determine your license fee  

Second hand or precious metal and gem dealer: Sellers of used and/or second-hand regulated property including used firearms, or buyers and sellers of real and imitation metals and gemstones, such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and rubies. See the Second Hand or Precious Metal or Gem Dealers page for more information prior to applying.

Seasonal business: Temporary enterprises, such as a fireworks stand or Christmas tree lot. You will need to obtain permits from the Urban Design and Planning and Fire Departments prior to applying for your license. See the temporary uses and fire permits pages for additional information before applying. You will be asked to include the fire permit number and the planning case number in your seasonal business license application.

Short-term rental registration: Registration for renting a portion of a home or an entire home for a period of up to 30 consecutive nights through online marketplaces such as Airbnb or VRBO. Visit the short-term rental page for details and application types.

Small business permits: You may need permits for your small business. Contact the Small Business Center for help. 

Apply, Renew or Pay by Mail

Pay for a business license by mail or at City Hall

  • Pay by mail:
    City of Gresham Business Licensing
    1333 NW Eastman Parkway
    Gresham, OR 97030 
  • Place check and invoice in utility drop box, located outside Gresham City Hall

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register my business name?

If your business name is anything other than your surname, it is required to be registered with the state. Should you accidentally "infringe" upon another business name you may face legal action. 

Register your business

How long is this license good for?

Business and rental licenses are valid for one year and are billed on the first of the month from the month the application was issued. Licenses must be renewed annually.

The following licenses are renewed annually in January:

  • OLCC liquor license endorsement
  • Private property impound
How long will it take to receive my business license once I apply?

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and issuance.

For paper application submittals, please allow up to two weeks for processing and issuance. 

My business is non-profit. Do I still need to apply for a license?

Yes. The license fee is waived for non-profit businesses. However, proof of non-profit status is required (for example: 501(3)(c)).

What if I have more than one business or more than one location?

If you own more than one business, a separate business license is required for each type of business and for each location.

Where are the fees for business licenses and registration?
  • General business licenses: $80 + $3 per employee after the first two.
  • Seasonal: $40.00 business license + fire seasonal sales (depends on type) + temporary use permit $425.
  • OLCC endorsement: $100; $35 annual renewal.
  • Rental housing: Fees are based on the total number of rental units on a property. See the master fee schedule.
  • Mobile Home Park: Fees are based on the total number of spaces. See the master fee schedule.
  • Marijuana: See the marijuana business page under the "Fees and Taxes" tab.
  • Short-term rentals: See the short-term rentals page for details.

Contact us

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