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Economic Development Services

The City's Economic Development team will help your project run smoothly, with a single point of contact and the expertise you need to help you be successful in Gresham.

66-day Industrial Land Use Application Review

Need a shorter timeframe for your industrial land use review and approval process? We can help. Learn about Gresham's 66-day industrial land use application review.

Find Property

Find the right location for your business. Gresham offers a diverse range of sites and buildings with ample square footage to meet your business's needs.

Learn more about finding properties in Gresham.


Gresham has a number of incentives to help businesses invest in Gresham including property tax incentives, system development charge incentive, sustainability incentives, our Urban Renewal Grant Program and more.

Read more about our economic development incentives.


Our team will introduce you to business development partners, who can identify workforce resources, navigate environmental requirements and work through any other issues that arise.

Learn more about our economic development partners.

Permitting, Timelines and Fees

Course and general timing for permitting process. Staff is available to help guide your project through each step.

Development planning and process timing
  1. Request pre-application conference.
  2. Pre-application conference: 14-20 days after request
  3. Early neighborhood contact: up to 60 days, generally 30 days
  4. Project submittal
  5. Project completeness review: 30 days
  6. Public notification: 14 days (for Type II) or 20 days (for Type III)
  7. Issuance of staff report and decision: 60 days
  8. Appeal period: 8 days
  9. Land use process complete
Commercial building permit process and timeline
  • Plan review and first comments for new construction/additions: 21 days
  • Plan review and first comments for tenant improvements and remodels: 14 days
  • Plan review and first comments for signs, renewable energy, misc.: 7 days
  • Re-reviews: 7 days

Actual time may vary based on requirements such as traffic studies, fire-supply or fire-access issues, etc.


See the City's master fee schedulefor all permitting fees.

If you have specific questions about the timing for your commercial building project, call 503-618-2891

Rapid Response Team

We understand time is money for industrial businesses, and we're here to help. Our team will guide you through the process of expanding or relocating your business to Gresham.

Learn about our Rapid Response Team.

Workforce Assistance

Gresham's workforce development partners have the resources to keep your employees on top of changing technologies and business practices.

Learn more about local workforce assistance resources.