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Permit Services

Access permit services

Contact permit services to get started with the permitting process.

For information about development planning permits, visit the Planner on Duty page

All other permits services, including right-of-way permits, are available online only.

Apply for a permit

Permits types and permit records

For information about specific permit types, including how to access permit records, select the applicable permit type below.

Building/Construction Permits
Business Licenses and Permits

Visit the business license page to apply for or renew a business license.

Other business resources:


Contact business licensing at:

Event Permits

Street closure permits

  • Street closure applications must be submitted within 45 days of the event.
  • Steps:
    1. Plan the event.
    2. Submit your application, including traffic control plan, site plan and proof of insurance.
    3. Get a fire prevention permit if needed.
    4. Get an permit from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission if needed.
    5. Notify neighbors about the event.
    6. Notify TriMet of any street closures that will affect public transportation.
  • Questions? Contact

Street closure permit application

Parks special use permits

  • Special use applications must be submitted within 30 days of the event.
  • Other permits may be required depending on the event; see permit application for details.
  • Questions? Contact

Parks special use permit application

Carnivals and fairs

More about carnivals and fairs

Filming in Gresham

  • Event/street closure applications must be submitted within 30 days of the event.
  • Production insurance is required to film in Gresham.
  • Neighborhood(s) must be notified of film production activities, including dates.
  • Questions? Call 503-618-2710.

More about filming in Gresham

Haunted houses

More about haunted houses

Sidewalk or special event sales

More about sidewalk/special event sales

Fire Permits

Visit the fire permits page to apply for a fire-related permit.


Call 503-618-2355.

Planning and Land Use Permits

Visit planning handouts, applications and forms to apply for a planning-related permit.

Access land use application records


Contact the Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or

Private Transportation for Hire Permit
Right of Way Permits

A right-of-way permit is needed when working or encroaching in the public right-of-way, including City of Gresham easements. Apply through the link at the top of this page.

Main right-of-way permit types

  • Sidewalk and driveway permit
  • Encroachment permits
  • Licensed utility permits used only by utilities that are licensed to have infrastructure in Gresham’s public right-of-way
  • Over-dimensional hazardous load permit
  • General right-of-way permit

Some of these permit types of broken down further because they have different submittal or processing requirements. Be sure to choose the correct option based on the permit descriptions.

Common submittal requirements include proof of contractor’s insurance and a bond.

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Call Haleigh Reyes at 503-618-2639.

RV Parking Permits
Temporary Water Use/Hydrant Meter Permits

Pick up an application at the City's Operations Center, located at 2123 SE Hogan Road.

Tree Permits


Contact the Permit Center: