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Residential Building Projects

Apply for a permit

Apply for permit

  • Projects Requiring a Permit
  • Projects Not Requiring a Permit
Projects Requiring a Permit

Permits are required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, convert, replace or move a building or electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems.


  • Adding a room.
  • Building, demolishing or moving a carport, garage, or shed more than 200 square feet in area.
  • Finishing an attic, garage or basement to make additional living space.
  • Cutting a new window or door opening, or widening existing openings.
  • Moving, removing or adding walls.
  • Applying roofing material when all of the old roofing material is removed and new sheathing is installed.
  • Building a stairway.
  • Building a deck more than 30 inches above grade
  • Putting up a fence higher than 6 feet.
  • Moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth or any amount of cut/fill on sites affected by waterways or slope hazards.
Projects Not Requiring a Permit

Many minor projects don't require a permit on a one- or two-family dwelling. For example:

  • Paving a walkway.
  • Putting up shelving.
  • Retrofitting insulation.
  • Adding storm windows.

Read more about projects that do not require permits.

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