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Downspout Disconnection

The City offers free downspout disconnection safety inspections, parts and labor from June to August.

Disconnect for healthier streams 

Downspout disconnections work in areas of Gresham where water can easily filter into your landscape and help recharge groundwater.

Does my property qualify? 

Your property may be suitable for downspout disconnection.

  1. Visit the GreshamView map.
  2. Click the “Show map layers” button.
  3. Select "Incentives and Grant Eligible Areas"
  4. Select Downspout Disconnection/Rain Garden Area; then select “Hide map layers.”
  5. Enter your address into the search box at the top of the page.
  6. If your property is highlighted in purple, you are in an area where it may be safe to disconnect your downspouts and build a rain garden.  Soil drainage tests must be conducted to confirm. 

Downspout disconnection requirements

Schedule an assessment 

For a free site assessment contact Keri Handaly at 503-618-2657 or

Stormwater fee incentive 

The City offers a stormwater utility bill fee reduction if downspouts are disconnected. To qualify, you must be approved for disconnection by the City.