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Natural Resources

The City of Gresham's Natural Resources Program is a service group within the Department of Environmental Services that supports watershed/stormwater management. 


  • Natural Resources

Supporting Environmental Protection Policies

The Natural Resources team provides environmental technical support on development and capital improvement projects.  

Streamside and Wetland Restoration

The City plans, implements and monitors restoration work throughout Gresham. 

Goals of restoration work:

  • Increase stream shade. Plants and trees create a buffer to reduce stream temperatures. 
  • Improve aquatic habitat. Stream shade is beneficial for coldwater aquatic species and for water quality.
  • Protect water quality. Plant buffers reduce contaminants and sediment from entering streams. 
Restoration Partners

The City partners with local environmental non-profits to lead restoration events throughout Gresham. The community-based volunteer events help support efforts to improve riparian areas (wetland and stream banks). Events include:

  • Planting and mulching native plants
  • Invasive weed removal
  • General clean-up
  • Habitat surveys 
  • Environmental workshops


Data and Technical Support

The Natural Resources team supports City efforts to improve standards, codes and policies that protect the City's natural environment.

This work balances urban development needs with federal, state and local environmental protection laws.