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Water Resources Division

The Water Resources division ensures water and natural habitats are protected now and in the future.

  • Water Services
  • Watershed/Stormwater Services
  • Wastewater Services
Watershed/Stormwater Services

The Watershed and Stormwater program improves flood protection and water quality through restoration of natural areas and the construction and maintenance of the City's public stormwater system.  Staff works with the community on invasive weed control, native plants and toxic reduction to protect local streams and wetlands.

Stormwater programs

Business programs

Other programs and services 



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Wastewater Services

Wastewater Services maintains nearly 300 miles of sewer collection lines in Gresham, Fairview and Wood Village. Wastewater is monitored and treated at the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant

Programs and services

The City is committed to protecting public health and ensuring water quality meets all federal, state and local requirements.