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East County Resolutions

Mediation is a way to work through a disagreement or conflict between two or more people.

Mediación ayuda a la gente a resolver problemas entre vecinos y otros.

This free service provided to individuals and businesses in:

  • Fairview
  • Gresham
  • Troutdale
  • Wood Village
  • Unincorporated eastern Multnomah County

Prevent eviction through mediation

During these uncertain times landlords and tenants may have shared concerns around rent and fees. East County Resolutions can bring people together to work out solutions to these concerns. While we are not a rent assistance program, we can help landlords and tenants work out agreements around the following:  

  • Tenants may have concerns about how to repay back rent and maintain current housing. You may have fallen on hard times and might be unsure about how to work with your landlord once the moratorium has lifted. Mediation can help facilitate a conversation with your landlord so you can negotiate and work out terms to help you maintain housing.
  • Landlords may have concerns around how to get paid for back rent. You may have concerns about how backed up the courts are and how costly evictions can be. Mediation can help facilitate a conversation with your tenant to negotiate terms for getting back on track with rent and fees, helping to bring in income and avoid costly court fees and lengthy legal processes. 

Email Mediate@GreshamOregon.Gov or call 503-618-3247 for more information. 

  • How Mediation Works
  • How Mediation Helps
  • Mediation Advantages
How Mediation Works

When you contact East County Resolutions, a trained mediator will talk to you about your situation, your concerns and about others who might be involved.

  • As an impartial, neutral party, the mediator will help you understand your interests and your options.
  • You may want to work on the resolution yourself, or you may ask the mediator to contact the other party involved to understand their concerns about the situation.
  • Often both parties want a facilitated session where they meet to discuss the situation.
  • All information shared during mediation is confidential.
How Mediation Helps

The mediation process is facilitated by a trained, impartial mediator, who provides a safe setting for both sides of the issue to be expressed.

  • Business and workplace mediation provides tools for solving problems such as consumer complaints and employee disputes.
  • Elder mediation provides specialized services to help older adults, families and caregivers address situations that surface with aging.
  • Housing conflicts
  • Neighborhood mediation helps neighbors resolve disagreements over common neighbor-to-neighbor issues from property line disputes to noise.
  • Training in communication and conflict resolution includes classes for the public, mediation professionals, schools and community groups.
  • Tips for talking though troubles.
Mediation Advantages
  • Free: Mediation is available at no cost to the parties within East County Resolutions service area.
  • Fair and neutral: Parties have an equal say in the process and decide settlement terms, not the mediator. There is no determination of guilt or innocence in the process.
  • Time-saving: Often mediation is completed in one meeting. Using East County Resolutions can save parties money by avoiding costly and lengthy litigation.
  • Confidential: All parties sign a confidentiality agreement. Information disclosed during mediation will not be disclosed to people outside your mediation or the program.
  • Improves communication and fosters cooperation: Mediation provides a neutral and confidential setting where parties can openly discuss their views on the underlying dispute. Many times the enhanced communication can lead to mutually satisfactory resolutions.
  • Design your own solution: A neutral third party assists the parties in reaching a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can resolve many issues important to both parties.
  • Everyone wins: More than 90% of cases are resolved when both parties participate in East County Resolutions; 98% of respondents expressed satisfaction with our services in a follow-up survey.

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  • Mediation is a way to work through a disagreement or conflict between two or more people.