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About My Gresham

Report an issue 

Request non-emergency services, including:

  • Fix a pothole.
  • Remove graffiti.
  • Report a broken streetlight.
  • Homeless support or issues.
  • Ask a question.
  • Read in real-time Spanish, Russian and 14 other languages.
Call 911 in a life-threatening emergency. 

How it works

  1. Ask a question or submit a request.
  2. Your request will be routed to the correct person at the City, who will communicate with you directly. 
  3. You can follow the progress of the request. You'll be notified when the service is complete, or when a code compliance case is started.


We respect your privacy and recommend the following if you prefer your account information remains confidential, choose a username that will not reveal your identity.

Submitter information is kept confidential to the best extent permitted under the law. If the City receives a lawful order to release the City's records, it may not be possible to keep your account information confidential.

Download the free mobile app

My Gresham is available as a free mobile app, allowing you to report issues or ask us questions, anytime, anywhere.

My Gresham guidelines

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