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Utility Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping you. Our staff are answering billing calls and email messages remotely, slowing our normal response time. We appreciate your patience. 

Utility financial assistance program

Help available for qualified applicants

The City’s utility assistance program helps customers struggling to pay utility bills.

  • Each situation will be considered individually.
  • The City will approve applicants fairly to allow our limited funds to help the most customers.
  • We do not need information about your immigration status to process your application; we will not report your immigration status or any identifying information to any level of government.
  • Read the qualifications before applying.

What you need to know

How to Apply

Application tips

  1. Limited funds are available and programs will close once funds are depleted.
  2. Complete and submit your application (paper or electronic) as soon as possible to make sure it gets reviewed.
  3. We encourage you to complete the application and submit online for priority consideration.
  4. Applicants will need household gross annual income information and a Gresham utility account number.
  5. Applicants applying online can save and come back to the application to complete it at a later time if necessary. Note: Only complete submitted applications will be considered; saved, non-submitted applications do not ensure consideration.
  6. If you complete a paper application, please return to the utility payment drop box at Gresham City Hall. Do not mail the application because it will delay your submission.
  7. Please respond within 24 hours if staff contacts you. Delays in response could lead to denial of assistance.

Our commitment

We will not report your immigration status or any identifying information to any level of government.

Paper applications

You can pick up a paper application at the City Hall utilities counter Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am-5:00-pm.

City of Gresham 
1333 NW Eastman Parkway 
Gresham, OR  97030


Contact utility customer service at 503-618-2373 or

  1. Customer must have a Gresham utility billing account.
  2. Funds may be limited for those who don't live in Gresham.
  3. Assistance applies to single-family homes. Prorated or limited funds may be available for duplex,  triplex and multi-family residences.
  4. Household size and gross annual income will be considered when determining the level of assistance. The program is targeted to households making 50% of median family income or less. 
  5. Income validation is required.
  6. Extenuating circumstances may justify giving an exception to these requirements.
  1. You may be asked to pay portions of your past due balance before assistance can be granted.
  2. City of Gresham utility bill customer assistance is limited to once every six billing cycles. 
  3. Larger-than-normal bill amounts may receive reduced funding.
Application Processing

Processing times vary based on volume. Allow up to three weeks for notification.

We encourage you to continue paying your utility bills while your financial assistance application is in process.


Contact us at

Apply Now

For people living in single-family, duplex and triplex housing:

Other assistance programs

Tenant Assistance

Tenant assistance

Visit our rental resources for tenants page for information other support for renters in Gresham.

Helping Hands

Donate to Helping Hands

Helping Hands allows the City to accept contributions from residents, businesses and City employees to help those in need pay for water, wastewater and stormwater utility services.

All donations go directly to the financial assistance program and are tax deductible.

For more information, contact Utility Billing at 503-618-2373 or

Stormwater Fee Discount

Residential homeowners, who meet stormwater reduction requirements, may reduce the stormwater utility bill amount.

For more information, visit the stormwater utility rates page.