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Recycling Programs

Compost Food Scraps

The City has a free community compost cart for residents who want to drop off food scraps. Composting food scraps reduces waste and helps our environment.  

Register today

When you register, we will send you the access code for the compost cart and food composting instructions.  


Green Food Scraps Community Compost Cart  

  • 138 NE 3rd St. 
  • Located near the Gresham Farmers’ Market shed in the City’s public parking lot.  

What to compost

  • Food waste including meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, baked goods, pasta, rice, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, peels, pits, bones, and coffee grounds.  
  • Accepted non-food items include paper coffee filters and paper tea bags.

Do not compost 

  • Cooking oil or grease 
  • Disposable plates, utensils, cups or straws.  
  • Plastic bags and food packaging.
  • Yard debris: use your yard debris bin for grass clippings, weeds, dead plants and pruned trees. 

Handling food waste

Keep food waste in a watertight container with a lid. Consider freezing food waste if you have room. This may make transporting food waste easier. 

Need help?

Contact us at or 503-618-2525 


Food Waste Prevention

Learn how simple actions like proper food storage and meal planning can help you reduce food waste and address climate change.

Take action to prevent food waste.  The Eat Smart, Waste Less program is a collection of strategies, tips and resources designed to help make food waste prevention easier.

Learn more about Eat Smart Waste Less.

Prescription Drug Disposal

Proper recycling and disposal of medications, needles and personal care products:

  • Protects the environment
  • Minimizes drug abuse
  • Protects those handling garbage

Dispose of medical waste or needles 

Resources for disposing of medical waste, needles, and household personal care items:

Recycling at Events

Recycling containers available

The City loans out ClearStream recycling containers for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans at events in Gresham (available on a first-come, first-serve basis). These containers come with a clear bag so your staff and volunteers can easily see the contents when bags are full and ensure they are being used properly.

We can also assist in container set-up and locating recycling drop-off centers.

For questions or additional information, contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Division at 503-618-2525 or

Tips for recycling at events

  • Place recycling, composting and trash receptacles together.
  • Recycling stations should be highly visible (e.g., a flag on a tall pole, balloons, signs, etc.) and in convenient locations.
  • Limit the number of recycling/waste stations to allow for easy monitoring. Place larger stations in areas where high volumes of waste will be generated.
  • Staff all recycling stations at all times. If this is not possible, assign someone to check each area periodically.
  • Communicate with event vendors before the event about using recyclable and reusable products.

Recycling at events guide