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Water Conservation

Conserve water, save money

Gresham has plenty of water, but conditions can change. With your help using water wisely, we will protect and conserve it for the future.

Ways to save

  • Water Savings Kit
  • Leak Detector Dye Tablets
  • Toilet Rebate Program
Water Savings Kit

Save gallons of water at home with a few simple solutions. 

Water savings kit

Get a free kit, including a water-efficient showerhead, faucet aerator, swivel aerator and pipe tape.


We offer free, water-saving showerheads that use 40% less water than traditional low-flow showerheads

Order your water savings kit today

Leak Detector Dye Tablets

Toilet tanks are often the biggest source of water loss in the home. The dye tablets are a safe, quick way to find out if you have a problem. You can check for silent toilet leaks by dropping a dye tablet into the tank.  

Order free dye tablets

Email Include your name and mailing address. 

Toilet Rebate Program

Homeowners may apply for up to two $50 rebate checks and multi-family property owners may apply for up to ten $50 rebate checks. Funds are limited. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


For questions and to submit the rebate form, contact Eric Jones at or 503-618-2525.

Water conservation tips

Outdoor tips

  • Water in the morning when it’s not hot.
  • Don’t hose down the sidewalk or driveway; use a broom.
  • Use the weekly watering number to determine how much water your lawn needs; measure sprinkler output with a tuna can.
  • Cover pools and spas to stop evaporation.
  • Plant native and drought-resistant trees and plants.
  • Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants.
  • Check for leaks on outside faucets.

Indoor tips 

  • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Fill the bathtub half full.
  • Check and fix leaky toilets, pipes or faucets
  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when full.
  • If you wash dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running.
  • Install water-saving showerheads or faucet aerators.


For more information about these water conservation resources, contact Sarah White at 503-618-2526 or