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Gresham Trails

Butler Creek Greenway Trail

Butler Creek Trail map

Located in southwest Gresham along scenic Butler Creek, the soft-surfaced trail was initially constructed in 1987 by volunteers.

About the Butler Creek Greenway Trail

The Butler Creek Greenway Trail continues north from Butler Creek Park and connects with the Springwater Trail.

At the Springwater Trail, it is 1.5-miles east to downtown Gresham and 1.7-miles west to Portland’s 616-acre Powell Butte Nature Park

Trail features

  • Butler Creek Park
  • Binford Lake
  • Butler Creek
  • dense forests
  • a 135-foot span bridge over Johnson Creek

Parking and trail access

The trail begins at Gresham’s Butler Creek Park, located at 2385 SW 27th Drive and Mawcrest Avenue.

Gresham-Fairview Trail

Gresham Fairview Trail map

Wind through urban wetlands and neighborhoods while exploring nature in the heart of the city.

Trail features

  • 3.29 miles.
  • Safe passage over Powell Boulevard on the new 177-foot pedestrian bridge.
  • Connects to the Springwater Trail.
  • Walking, bicycling, jogging, skateboarding, in-line skating, wheelchairs and battery powered scooters are a few of the paved trail uses to enjoy.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be on leash and dog waste must be removed by the owner.
  • Colorful drought resistant trees and native shrubs are planted along the trail through residential neighborhoods in northwest Gresham.

Horseback riding is not allowed.

Trail access

  • South point: We've connected the Springwater Trail to the Gresham-Fairview Trail at SW 10th Avenue.
  • North point: Access the start of the trail to the north at Northeast Halsey Street at 201st Avenue.

Natural resources along the trail

  • Johnson Creek
  • Fairview Creek
  • Southwest Community Park
  • Grant Butte
  • Salish Ponds
  • Views to Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens
  • Columbia River Slough
  • Columbia River
Gresham Butte Saddle Trail

Formerly a logging road, this lush, 1.24-mile trail was constructed in 1998 and is set in an upland forest setting and crosses several small tributaries.

Trail features

  • The trail climbs up and over the saddle between two buttes (Gresham Butte to the north and Gabbert Hill to the south).
  • The area is abundant in native vegetation, providing a lush, forest experience.
  • Trailside shoulders have been replanted with native plants such as salal, sword fern, and vine maple.
  • The trail also connects with the top of Gresham Butte, offering panoramic views of the City.
  • The buttes are two of nine extinct volcanic lava domes in City limits. 

Parking and trail access

Street side parking is available on either end of the trail at SW 19th Drive off Towle Avenue and SE 19th Drive off Regner Road.

Kelly Creek Greenway Trail

This soft-surfaced, .75-mile trail is located in a dense forest of Western Red Cedars and mixed-Deciduous trees in a neighborhood in southeast Gresham.

The natural area features numerous native plants including vine maple, snowberry and trillium.

Parking and trail access

  • Travel east on Powell Valley Road; then south on Dogwood Lane; then east on Woodland Drive.
  • Park on the south side of the street, east of the house at 4998 SE Woodland Drive, then walk across the stormwater detention earthen dam on Kelly Creek.
Nadaka Loop Trail

Nadaka Loop Trail map

This .46-mile trail’s second generation Douglas Fir forest is formerly a Camp Fire Girl’s Nature Day Camp (Na-Da-Ka).

This 10.1-acre site has numerous native plants including vine maple, huckleberry, snowberry, salal and trillium.

Parking and trail access

This soft-surfaced graveled trail is located within the Nadaka Natural Area north of Glisan Street and west of 181st Avenue. Access to the natural area and trail is available from Pacific Street.

Springwater Trail

Springwater Trail map

Gresham’s stretch of the Springwater Trail is a place where nature and the city meet on a pathway of green. Recreational opportunities on the asphalt path include walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, picnicking, bird- and animal-watching and horseback riding. 

About the Springwater Trail

The Springwater Trail stretches from Boring through Gresham to Portland; from Linnemann Station in Gresham it is only 16.5-miles west to downtown Portland. 

The trail corridor is home to dozens of species of plants and wildlife as it follows many of the contours of the 26-mile long Johnson Creek.

Gresham bicycling map and guide

Sites along the Springwater Trail in Gresham

  • Johnson Creek
  • Cedarville Park
  • Linnemann Station trailhead
  • Wildlife and wetlands
  • Pioneer cemeteries
  • Main City Park
  • Historic downtown Gresham
  • Columbia Brick Works Company   

Parking and trail access

  • Linnemann Station, 3804 W. Powell Loop
  • Main City Park, 219 S. Main Avenue
  • Hogan Road Trailhead, 2123 SE Hogan Road

The Springwater Trail connects to the Gresham-Fairview Trail at SW 10th Avenue.

Wy'East Way

About Wy’East Way

Wy’East Way map

The 2-mile long, 12-foot wide walking and bike path runs along the MAX light rail line from the Ruby Junction Station in Rockwood to the Cleveland Station in historic downtown Gresham. This paved path connects with both the Springwater and Gresham-Fairview trails to make a 6-mile loop through Gresham. 

The path is a safe, off-street route for students, commuters, shoppers and fitness fans. Taking Wy'East Way around Gresham makes it easier to reach local parks, trails, public transit stops, schools and businesses.

Trail features

  • A 6-mile loop connecting the Springwater Trail and Gresham-Fairview Trail
  • Safety fencing and railings to provide separation between the path and MAX line
  • Landscaping with green features including more than 200 native trees and shrubs
  • No-glare bright LED streetlights
  • Improved pedestrian crossings
  • Way finding signs along the path 

Parking and path access

Access Wy’East Way from these MAX stations:

  • People running on Hogan Butte
  • Trail in Gabbert Butte natural area
  • People riding bicycles on a path in Gresham
  • Nadaka Nature Trail in Gresham
  • Children in costumes on Wy'East Way trail

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