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Garage to Storefront

Gresham’s Garage to Storefront program has earned national accolades for helping new and expanding businesses.

It's opportunity – with your address on it.

The City wants to help qualifying business owners fulfill their dreams in these target areas by waiving: 

New or expanding businesses

Tenant improvement incentive

$0 in City-related fees for new tenant improvement permits for an existing vacant commercial space.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a new business, or
  • Be an existing Gresham business expanding by at least 10%
  • Be located within the Central Rockwood, Civic Neighborhood and Downtown boundaries
  • Occupy no more than 5,000 square feet
  • Sign an agreement with the City certifying qualification

Property owners

Remodel incentive

$0 for City-related improvement permits by the property owner to remodel existing vacant commercial space.  

Facade improvement incentive

$0 for City-related facade improvement permits for a vacant or occupied commercial space.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be located in Central Rockwood, Civic Neighborhood or Downtown.  
  • Be an existing building.  
  • Do not exceed 5,000 square feet for each leasable tenant space in final configuration and the building must not exceed 30,000 square feet.  
  • Sign an agreement with the City certifying qualification.  


A business or property does not qualify for the Garage to Storefront incentive program if:  

  • It creates new construction.  
  • It is leased to a business or is a business that excludes minors during all hours of the day.  
  • It includes a drive-thru.  
  • It is a corporate or franchise store with more than three existing locations.  
  • It is a government office or agency.  

More information

Incentive areas

Incentive boundary map

  • Click layers icon.
  • Under "Incentive and Grant Eligible Areas," select "Garage to Storefront Incentive."

Contact us

For questions or to confirm eligibility contact the Small Business Center at 503-618-2640 or