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Neighborhood Matching Grants

This City program supports neighborhood projects that:

  • Foster civic pride
  • Enhance and beautify neighborhoods
  • Expand citizen involvement
  • Promote the interests of the Gresham community

Application timeline

Grant applications are now being accepted.  Applications are due by June 21. Apply for a matching grant.

Completion reporting

To be considered for future grant funds, you must submit a completion report if you were awarded funds in the previous year:

Available funds

The City Council awards grant funds to City-recognized Neighborhood Associations. 

  • Funding available for 2024-25 Neighborhood Matching Grant Program requests is $10,000. 
  • A grant requires a 50% match.
  • The funding request must be 50% or less of the total project budget.
  • The matching amounts can be accomplished through direct donations of cash and/or products or materials or volunteer hours contributed to the project.

Grant guidelines

Neighborhood Associations criteria for applying:

  • Applicants must be a recognized and active City Neighborhood Association.
  • The funding area must be within the city limits and the boundary of the requesting neighborhood. 
  • Exceptions include joint neighborhood projects.
  • The project must be nonprofit in nature.
  • The project must have lasting or direct benefit to the neighborhood.
  • The project should be distinctive to the neighborhood.
  • The purpose must be within the City’s legal authority.
  • The recipient must provide documentation to the City as proof of program expenditures and a completion report submitted with all receipts.

Contact us

For more information contact the Neighborhood Services office at