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System Development Charges

SDCs are a one-time charge for wastewater, water, stormwater, transportation and parks. SDCs are collected when a development permit is issued. The City uses SDC Revenue to:

  • Construct new public facilities as Gresham grows.
  • Pay for debt on already-built public facilities.
  • Parks, stormwater and transportation SDCs are higher in the newer urban growth areas of Pleasant Valley and Springwater, reflecting the higher costs to extend and construct facilities in these areas.

SDC Calculator

Estimate SDCs for your project with our SDC calculator. 

For the most accurate results, clear your browser's history before using the calculator. 

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Current SDC resolutions

Notice of methodology update

Updates to the City’s water and transportation SDC methodology reports are proposed. 

SDC fees, financing and reports

To receive updates about proposed changes to the City’s SDCs, email to be added to the email list.