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One Gresham

One Gresham logoOne Gresham mapOne Gresham is our economic, urban redevelopment and social strategy to strengthen and link the city’s best assets, our three commercial centers: historic Downtown, Civic Neighborhood and Rockwood.

Like spokes on a wheel, One Gresham pulls these hubs together. It’s a bold, rapidly evolving City initiative connecting our community and moving us forward.

One Gresham will expand and attract business, create jobs and strengthen our community amenities through:

  • Priming our three centers and corridors for development.
  • Creating connections with commitment to quality architecture and community-oriented spaces. 
  • Building commerce. 
  • Business incentives. 

Three hubs. One Gresham.

  • Historic Downtown
  • Civic Neighborhood
  • Rockwood
Historic Downtown

Gresham’s old-fashioned Main Street with locally-owned and operated businesses. Host to public events year-round.

Downtown and Civic fact sheet

  • Over 150 local shops, eateries and service businesses
  • Direct access to light rail, bus lines, bike paths and parks
  • Public plaza, community festivals and events
  • Wide sidewalks, street trees and flower baskets


  • Additional commercial, office and entertainment spaces
  • Place-making amenities
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Mixed-use housing
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Eric Schmidt, Director
Community Development 

Civic Neighborhood

The lively newcomer, home of Gresham Station, a regional shopping center with national retail, food, medical and office tenants and housing.

Downtown and Civic fact sheet


  • 50 national stores, restaurants and service businesses, including medical and dental offices
  • Direct access to light rail, bus lines and bike paths
  • High-density housing and major fitness center
  • City Hall and public safety complex with 500-plus employees


  • Large office tenants
  • Community plaza and place-making amenities
  • Grocery store and entertainment
  • Mixed-use housing
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Eric Schmidt, Director
Community Development 


The Portland metropolitan region’s youngest, most diverse neighborhood on the rise with major new development.


  • $50 million in street and structure improvements
  • New City and county buildings
  • International markets and eateries
  • Family-friendly spaces, including the Rockwood Library


  • Marketplace for local vendors
  • Health care facilities
  • Education, creative space and job training opportunities
  • Incubator space
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Eric Schmidt, Director
Community Development 


Vertical Housing Development Zone

Gresham snapshot

Oregon’s fourth-largest city with more than 111,600 residents is dynamic, diverse and rapidly growing.

  • Median age: 34
  • Median household income: $47,000
  • Median home value: $216,000
  • Family households: 67%
  • Minority: 24%
  • City parks: 23 
  • Light rail stops: 9
  • Bus lines: 10
  • Bike lanes: 117 miles
  • Trails: 15 miles
  • Open space: 942 acres