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Fences and Property Lines

The City's Planner on Duty can:

  • Assist with zoning inquiries.
  • Tell you what uses are allowed.
  • Answer questions about land use procedures and other questions related to the City’s Development Code.

Call 503-618-2780 or

If you reach voicemail, leave a detailed message, including specific property information. 

Property lines

How to determine your property line:

  • Locate the property marker placed in each corner when the property was originally platted.
  • You might find this marker in the corner of your lot.
  • It will resemble construction rebar; it may be buried or hidden by vegetation.
  • These markers are placed when the lots are platted and should not be removed. 

The City does not provide survey services for private property owners.

For assistance with property surveying contact a private survey company. 

Lot dimensions

The City can provide you information on your lot dimensions, but not where the lines are.

For lot dimensions contact Permit Services at 503-618-2845, or the Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or


The City's fence code is located in Section 9.0400 of the Development Code.

Fencing can be on a property line and not encroach on a right-of-way. 

For questions about property lines and fences contact the Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or


Free mediation services are available at East County Resolutions if you are experiencing difficulty with a neighbor regarding property lines. An impartial mediator will provide a safe setting for both sides of the issue to be expressed.