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Comfort Dog Program

Not all Gresham Police officers have two feet. One has four paws and specializes in comfort.

Meet Tagg

Tagg is one of the first comfort dogs in the Pacific Northwest. He is a shining example of having animals in mental health and wellness programs.

Officers looked for a comfort dog in 2019 as a resource to the community and staff through the Peer Support Program.

Guide Dogs for the Blind graciously donated Tagg, a black Lab raised in California. He trained to support people in the blind community.

With a move and career change, Tagg was officially sworn in as the Gresham Police Department Comfort Dog. Tagg works and lives with his handler Officer Chris Anderson.

A comfort dog’s duties

  1. Tagg and his handler are assigned to the Gresham Behavioral Health Unit. This co-responder team pairs a mental health clinician and police officer, who respond to people in crisis.
  2. Tagg is part of the Police Department's Peer Support Team. He engages with officers and staff to help reduce stress and anxiety following stressful or traumatic incidents.
  3. Tagg is a community engagement resource. He takes part in community events like National Night Out, Dog Days of Summer and makes school visits too!

Local partners Guide Dogs for the Blind and Banfield Pet Hospital covered the starting costs to take care of a dog.

Dog donations

Tagg and the Comfort Dog Program are funded completely by Gresham community donations. Make a donation to either the Comfort Dog or K-9 programs. 

Make a donation to help pay for Tagg’s food, medical care, grooming and treats.

  1. Select Police Comfort Dog from the list of donation types. Please add a comment in the "other" field, if you are donating to the K-9 program.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to donate.
  3. Submit. Your donation will be sent to the Police Department’s account for Tagg. 

Tagg along

Follow along with Tagg's adventures in Gresham on Instagram at @Tagg.Time.


For questions about the program, or to request a Tagg visit, email