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We understand the complex details of site selection and development. Our staff is available to guide you through each step in finding the right property for your business.

Land and buildings

Oregon Prospector
Find optimal business locations using powerful real estate search, demographic analysis, industry reports and dynamic mapping tools.

City maps

The City maintains interactive maps to look up property information for parcels in Gresham. 

Land use and permitting

Permitting process and timeline

  • Request pre-application conference
  • Pre-application conference: 14-20 days after request
  • Early neighborhood contact: up to 60 days; generally 30 days
  • Project submittal
  • Project completeness review: 30 days
  • Public notification: 14 days (for Type II); 20 days (for Type III)
  • Issuance of staff report and decision: 60 days
  • Appeal period: 12 days
  • Land use process complete

Commercial building permit process and timeline

See our 66-day industrial application review process for faster review and approval of industrial projects.

Contact us

For assistance with finding a property contact Erika Fitzgerald at 503-618-2504 or

For questions about the City's land use or permit requirements, contact our Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or