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Lawn Care

Tips to maintain your lawn and limit using harmful chemicals. 

What's your lawn style?

Have the lawn you want, from low maintenance to lush green. Pick your level of lawn care and get expert advice from Oregon State University’s lawn care series.  

Learn more about free and safe tips from OSU lawn care experts.

Recommended lawn care actions 

  1. Skip the weed and feed. 
  2. Use stream-safe, slow-release fertilizer rather than quick-release. 
  3. Fertilize only in spring or fall, or both, to protect our streams. 
  4. Get tips on when and how much to water. Get your weekly watering number.

Lawn care resources 

Why go chemical free? 

  • For the health of our community, keep a pesticide-free lawn and garden. It’s easy and helps keep harmful products away from people, pets and our streams. 
  • Lawn and garden chemicals can remain on your lawn for days or months, can get tracked into your home, and may be harmful to humans and pets. 
  • Pesticides can kill pollinators and soil microbes critical to healthy gardens.  
  • Residential lawn chemicals have been found in our urban rivers and streams, many at alarming levels.   
  • Even natural/organic products can pose a risk to pollinators. Read product labels and watch the weather forecast to apply safely. 
  • Keep our water safe for recreation and for the iconic salmon who live here.

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