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Strategic Investment Zone

Gresham's Strategic Investment Zone (SIZ) covers 500 acres of industrial land.

Qualifying traded-sector business investments within this geographic area that meet the SIZ criteria are eligible for partial property tax abatement for 15 years.

How the SIZ works

  • When an eligible company locates within the SIZ, it pays property taxes on the first $100 million of value of the improvements. The value above $100 million is abated. This partial property tax abatement lasts for 15 years.
  • In addition to paying taxes on the first $100 million, the company pays an amount equal to 25% of the taxes, which would otherwise have been due, up to $2 million per year; this payment is called a community service fee.
  • When a company’s taxable assessed value exceeds $750 million, additional payments are required.
  • The company must enter into a first source hiring agreement with a third-party purveyor, to encourage hiring locally in East Multnomah County. 

Gresham SIZ requirements

Additional payments

Based on a tiered scale, additional payments are required for taxable values over $750 million.

The tiered scale starts at 10% of the sum of property taxes on the first $100 million of taxable value and the community service fee, and tops out at 150% of the combined property taxes and community service fee for investments valued at over $5 billion.

Green development

Investments subject to additional payments are eligible for a 20% reduction of those payments, for each of the first three years of the SIZ investment, if the project achieves and maintains at least LEED Gold certification.

SIZ boundary

Strategic Investment Zone boundary map

The Gresham SIZ boundary is Glisan Street to the north, 242nd to the east, near Stark Street to the south, and just east of 202nd to the west.


Any business interested in applying for Strategic Investment Zone should contact Erika Fitzgerald at 503-618-2504 or Economic Development staff will assist you with the application for benefits, which is submitted to Business Oregon for final approval. 

SIZ background

A Strategic Investment Zone (SIZ), enabled during the 2005 Oregon Legislature (SB 879), is a form of Oregon's Strategic Investment Program (SIP).