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Backflow Prevention Program

The City operates a state-mandated backflow prevention program to prevent drinking water contamination. 

Backflow is a health issue when drinking water is connected directly to a non-drinking water source. This is commonly called a cross connection.  

Cross connection sources  

  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Portable pressure washers
  • Sprayer hose attachments
  • Garden hoses
  • Radiator flush kits
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Utility sinks
  • Solar systems

City requirements 

Without a required valve installed to prevent backflows, contaminants could taint drinking water.

  • Backflow assemblies must be installed on all water-using systems and equipment.
  • Each assembly is required to be tested first upon installation, then once a year.


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