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Fall Preparedness

Leaves blown or left in the street create slip hazards, flooding, clogged drains and can block traffic. If fall leaves are blocking a storm drain in your neighborhood, please rake them aside or bag them up. 

What to do with your fall leaves

  • Do not blow or rake leaves into the street or storm drain. This is a violation of City code. 
  • Remove leaves and other plant debris and place in the weekly yard debris cart included with your garbage service. 
  • Set an extra bag out at the curb for an additional cost of $4.18 each. 
  • Mulch leaves with a lawnmower or leaf blower and spread the mixture over flowerbeds and gardens for winter. 
  • Self-haul to Allwood Recyclers at 22800 NE Marine Drive.
  • For more leaf disposal options call Metro: 503-234-3000. 
  • Questions about curbside service? Contact your garbage hauler.

Report flooding 

To report broken City mains, a rain hazard, or flooding in the public right-of-way: 

  • Between 7:30 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday, call 503-618-2626.
  • After hours or on weekends, call 503-661-3906.

Sandbag station

Gresham residents who need sandbags to protect property from flooding or rain may use the City's free fill-your-own sandbag station. The sandbag station is available November through March for residents only.

Street sweeping

The City runs a street sweeping program March through November. Remove leaves so the street sweeper can clean your street.  

Help us by moving vehicles, boats, campers, garbage cans, recycle containers, basketball hoops and other objects into your driveway when your street is scheduled.  

See your street’s sweeping schedule.