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Transportation Division

The Transportation Division designs, operates and maintains a system of more than 898 lane miles of streets, including sidewalks, bike lanes, streetlights, traffic signals, road signs and bike and pedestrian paths.

Transportation Services

Parade/Street Parking Lot Closures

Street closure application

  • Block parties or parking lot closures must be submitted for approval 14 days before the event.  
    More information about block parties.
  • Parade applications must be submitted 45 days before the event. 
  • Banner Permits: For a permit to hang banners email

Contact us

For more information email


Report potholes to the Operations Center at 503-618-2626 or submit a report through My Gresham.

Please provide the location of the pothole with the nearest address and cross street. 

Street Signs

Transportation Operations maintains over 18,000 signs including replacing missing, damaged or blocked traffic signs.

To report a street sign issue call Operations at 503-618-2626 or submit a report through My Gresham.

Traffic Data

The City monitors traffic counts to study traffic trends for road projects, and analyzes speeding trends for traffic calming solutions.

The City's traffic counts are an estimate of bi-directional annual averages of daily traffic. 

Contact us

For information about traffic data contact

Traffic Signals

For traffic and pedestrian signal issues call Environmental Services:

Understanding the flashing yellow left-turn arrow

Contractor forms



The City maintains Gresham's 8,000 streetlights.

Report outages and malfunctioning lights or request repairs through My Gresham.

Contact us

For more information about LED streetlights, contact Skuyler Jacobs at 503-618-2710 or

Street Sweeping Program

Street sweeping keeps roads safe by removing debris, such as paper and leaves that may be an obstacle to pedestrians and bikes.  

Sweeping removes debris that clog stormdrains and reduces the amount of pollutants that collect on city streets. 

More about Gresham's street sweeping program.

Submit a report through MyGresham.

Summer Roadwork

Transportation’s pavement maintenance program treats select streets during the summer using different types of road repair, depending on the condition of the surface.  

Learn more about our summer maintenance schedule.

Traffic Lane Striping

The City contracts with Multnomah County to maintain the traffic lane striping on Gresham roads and arterials.

Motorists should obey the sign displays, proceed with caution and avoid driving over the wet stripes.

  • Traffic wears away paint on roadways and the striping has to be reapplied every year when the surface is dry and the temperature relatively warm.
  • Typically this work is done during the spring and summer months, and a second coat of paint is applied in the fall.

What to expect during lane striping 

There will be sufficient advance warning for motorists approaching a road striping operation. 

  • First, a slow-moving vehicle with a message board alternately displays, “Wet Paint” and “Do Not Pass.”
  • A second vehicle displays flashing lights and a warning sign of painting in progress. 
  • Lastly, flashing lights and a “Caution – Wet Paint” sign identify the striper truck, which sprays the paint stripes onto the road.

About the paint

 The paint used on roads is water-borne, non-toxic and contains reflective glass beads. 

If paint gets transferred on a vehicle, remove it immediately with soap and water before the paint has time to set.

Contact us

Call the City's Operations Center at 503-618-2626 with questions or concerns.