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Application Narratives

A project narrative must address all applicable Development Code criteria and standards. The documents listed below are included to assist the applicant with these narratives and must be included with the application submittal.

Submittals that do not meet the requirements outlined in our application narrative how-to guide will be deemed incomplete and an additional review fee may be applied at the time of submittal of additional and revised materials.

Those without access to Microsoft Word may contact the Planner on Duty at at 503-618-2780 or for PDF versions of the narratives.



Code section: Article 4

Residential districts

Commercial districts

Industrial districts

Corridor districts

Downtown plan districts

Civic Neighborhood districts

Gresham Butte district

Pleasant Valley districts

Springwater district

Code section: Article 5

Overlay districts

Code section: Article 6

Land division

Code section: Article 7

Design review

Code section: Article 8

Special uses

Code section:  Article 9

Common requirements

Code section: Article 10

Supplemental development regulations

Code section: Appendix 5

Public facilities